Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bug Me Not : Firefox Add Ons

If you don’t know anything about the "Bugmenot" free service, you better read my previous post about that.
Today, I have come up with a new firefox addon to make your browsing more easy. It is the firefox addon of BugMeNot free fake logins to bypass compulsory registration/ signup.

This cool extension is authored by Eric of As you all know about BugMeNot from my previous article, I don’t think of any need to explain the service. I will move directly to the usage of this add-on.
Whenever, you come into a site where logging in is a must, you just need to right click on the user id or password field, and move your mouse and click on Login with BugMeNot and you are done!
The add-on will now search the BugMeNot site for all available fake accounts and logs you in using any of the account submitted by users.
What if no accounts are found ? An alert will be popped to notify you that no accounts are found for that site.

You may download and install this firefox add-on here.

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